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About UK Green Projects

UK Green Projects Sedum Roofing in Berkshire

As a sustainable construction and roofing business with 20 + years of experience, we have worked on a wide range of Green projects. These include biodiverse roofing, living or grass roofs, smart energy solutions, green sedum roofs, and many more.


We are passionate about sustainable roofing and construction and always look for ways to enhance the environmental benefits of our projects.

UK Green Projects logo. Sustainable construction in Berkshire

Why the future's Green!

Two leading companies - Next Gen Luxury Homes Ltd and JPA Roofing & Leadwork Ltd- have partnered up to offer sustainable green construction and roofing services.


UK Green Projects provides everything from traditional green roofs (roofs covered in plant life) to more modern options such as EV Charging Points, MHVC, and rainwater harvesting systems.


The goal? To reduce a building's carbon footprint while creating an aesthetic that's attractive for all types of homes or businesses.

Green Roofs, Sedum roofs by UK Green project

Green Builds

Green Roofs by UK Green Projects

Green Roofs

Make my home more energy efficient

Green Energy

About Go green

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the use of less energy to do the same job as other structures. It should be considered before, during and after the design stage; choosing appropriate construction materials; constructing it in an efficient way; and maintaining it with minimal input afterward.

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