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Green Energy

Elkectric Vehicle charging point by UK Green Projects

EV Charging


Solar Panels

Sustainable Energy

We are an energy efficiency specialist, working with businesses and homeowners alike. We provide everything from thermal insulation and intelligent heating systems, to electric car charging points.

Let's work together to reach Net Zero!

EV Charging Points

EV Charging Points

Install a home charging station and utilise the efficiency of electric vehicles.


Why Choose UK Green Projects

Quick Service

Video Surveys

Quality Guarantee


Technical surveys and energy assessments. Helping you make your home or business greener and more efficient!

Green Projects. Leading eco-friendly construction company


Mechanical Ventilation &
Heat Recovery

MVHR is a great choice when....

You require a whole house ventilation solution.

You are doing a full renovation or building a new house rather than a retrofit.

You want to make your home energy efficient.

best builder in berkshire

Ventilation and heat recovery services for both home-owners and business owners!

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Our Supplier

Nuaire . UKGPs supplier for energy effecient air

Nuaire has been designing and manufacturing low-energy ventilation products in the UK since 1966.

Blue Skies


Enhancing the air quality and efficiency of Existing and New homes.


Smart ventilation systems to improve building environments


Helping industrial projects to implement forward thinking air solutions.

Reasons to improve your home ventilation

Better home efficiency.

Supporting Net Zero

 Increased Air Quality

Poor ventilation is a growing problem, affecting one in five homes in the UK. If your home is poorly ventilated, you may notice streaming windows, the appearance of black mould on walls and furnishings, and musty smells.

Smart Energy

Smart home technology provides innovative ways to manage your home wherever you are. This allows you to save money and time for the things that matter most.

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Solar Panels

Talk to us about our Solar Panels 
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